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"The casting of Alex Dauphin (as a enigmatic if clenched shop employee) reveals how vital it is to populate a show with non-white actors, thereby creating a world that actually resembles the city we live in." - Chicago Tribune review of RIDE

"Among the terrific cast, Alex Dauphin’s Joy, Erica Hernandez’s Lizzie and Kenzie Seibert’s Michelle were particularly effective." - ChicagoCritic review of For the Love Of

"Director Claire Reinhart has found an exceptional group of young actresses for this play and done an admirable job of working with them to create their characters. Dauphin easily establishes hers as the alpha here, with her forcefully upbeat attitude and her preternaturally perfect yoga poses." - Chicago Onstage review of Clearing

"Alex Dauphin and Kenzie Seibert playing Joy and Michelle respectively, grab us into the the ups and downs of their relationship." - Picture This Post review of For The Love of

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