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Dual Citizens Productions

FOBia is a character driven comedy about the various cultural misunderstandings an Indian woman FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) in her 30’s, experiences as she adapts to life in America. 


Commission Theatre

Director Claire Reinhart has found an exceptional group of young actresses for this play and done an admirable job of working with them to create their characters. Dauphin easily establishes hers as the alpha here, with her forcefully upbeat attitude and her preternaturally perfect yoga poses. She’s the mama bear of this little clan, ready to do anything at all to help her cubs, even if she has to hurt them in the process.
— Chicago on Stage
If you’re looking for comedic and dramatic chops in your theatre experience, this is a must see. There’s one particular moment in the play when Dauphin’s Clare slowly reads out a famed Madeline Albright quote from her vision board, but misquotes it as coming from Taylor Swift. She says the whole quote and the incorrect speaker twice, and with so much conviction that you could almost believe Taylor Swift did say it.
— Picture This Post

For The Love Of

Pride Films & Plays

Alex Dauphin and Kenzie Seibert playing Joy and Michelle respectively, grab us into the the ups and downs of their relationship.
— Picture This Post
Among the terrific cast, Alex Dauphin’s Joy, Erica Hernandez’s Lizzie and Kenzie Seibert’s  Michelle were particularly effective.
— Chicago Critic


Under the Rug Theatre

The casting of Alex Dauphin (as a enigmatic if clenched shop employee) reveals how vital it is to populate a show with non-white actors, thereby creating a world that actually resembles the city we live in.
— Chicago Tribune
Often the bravest thing an actor can do is just “be” on stage and make themselves truly vulnerable to their stage partner. There’s a beautiful moment in Act II between Wojcik’s Danny and Alex Dauphin’s Riley, when in an act of profound kindness, she reveals how often and fondly her late boss talked about his brother.
— The Fourth Walsh

Sketchbook Festival 16

Collaboraction Theatre